Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital

Facility's name: Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital

Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital is the first leader of Asia in Regenerative Medicine that brings many new medical innovations from various medical branches joint together, especially the hormone in Regenerative Medicine or Anti-Aging Medicine. All progressive examinations include functional genes, functional cells, detects free radicals in the bloodstream, vitamins & mineral level, degenerative screening from the level of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems of the body which is the degenerative examination (Pre- Disease Diagnosis) before diseases occur (The risk).

The technology of treatment at Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital is that we will start to evaluate the health of the whole body with modern tools up to international standards as same as evaluating the condition of the company. Then we give medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient (Personalized medicine)

It is a green hospital under a relaxed environment with available for 24 hours of service, traffic is not overcrowded. near hotels, many shopping malls, near many ancient floating markets of Thailand as well as a multicultural blend of harmony. There are many beautiful sights. Near the seaside Bang KhunThian too, and most importantly, if you don’t have cash-on-hand, you can easily withdraw some money because near bank and withdrawal from nearby ATM machines available for 24 hours of service.

Language Support:
Thai, English and Chinese

✔ General Hospital
✔ Regenerative & Functional Medicine Hospital

Signature or Unique Products & Services:

1. The hospital is accredited with quality systems and standard medical system in which the quality patient care is provided and assured to those who desires to acquire our services. In terms of service and safety at the international level, we are proud to present to you that our hospital is under JCI (Joint Commission International) of the International Commission on Accreditation.
2. A fully equipped Eye Department with the latest eyes equipments and specialist doctors.
3. Orthopedic Center can maintain advance treatment without undergoing surgery by using hormonal growth factor or Stem cell by specialists
4. We are featured in the Emergency Medical Center, which offers both in-country and Medical Air Service with safe travel with a medical team “WHEREVER YOU ARE, I CAN REACH YOU. JUST LET ME KNOW” – Flying Doctor.”
5. We are also featured in The Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
6. We are also featured in Pain Center, we have Traditional Chinese Medicine that has high expertise and in China, in China and treatment is best combined with pain reduction of Thai Traditional Massage and Physical Therapy that completes the set for faster and better recovery of each patient. It's good to cover both the pain and the benefits of Chinese plans in many ways, such as acupuncture and cupping can treat patients with paralysis, sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, numbness, office syndrome, relieves pain, and others chronic pain.
7. Dentist's Network Dental Care Services by a Medical Specialist Finish offshore in cheap, safe and relaxing.

Summary: Advance Health Check - Up by the latest advance tools and all the problems are summed up to problem list in three aspects.
1. Current medical illness condition.
2. The degeneration of all organs of the body, whether it is deterioration of function or the structure.
3. Inappropriate Individual Life Style

Our distinctive point of treatment with advanced medical technology , no risking that we provide Hybrid Operating Room Facility for Endoscope, Laparoscope for Knee Examinations, Spine and other Joint condition and most importantly, we use Growth Factor or the Stem Cells with proper Life Style.

Inappropriate lifestyle, we have a Personalized Medical Counseling Team (Personalized medicine)
willing to give you an understanding and proper lifestyle plan to achieve your desired healthiness.

About repairing degeneration, we have a hormone specialist which, unlike a general typical endocrinologist who treats only the disease. But Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital uses hormones to repair degenerative diseases, to prevent and cure all types of chronic diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, cancer and many others alleviate suffering, reduce disability, and make the elderly healthy, according to four main goals:

Total  Number of treatment room: 
✔ M-Medium (6-15 treatment rooms)

Contact Info:
Name: Ms.Thamarat Pathumkanjanakul ( TUKY )
Position: International Consultant Nurse & Marketing Manager
Address: 771/1 Ekachai Road, Bangbon, Bangkok 10150
Phone: +668 6996 7284, +668 3033 5134

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