Klaire’ clinic

Facility's name: Klaire’ clinic

Klaire’ clinic is Anti-aging clinic located at the center of Bangkok, very convenient to come, exclusive services in private atmosphere like your home. We specialized in intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy and bio-identical hormonal replacement both male and female. Klaire’ clinic was founded in year 2010 by Dr. Patsri Chuepool, a specialist and has experience in anti-aging medicine for many years. Our services concentrate exclusively on pure anti-aging and functional medicine. At Klaire’ clinic, we have been provided IV nutrient therapy by expert and experienced doctor well trained and certified of IV nutrient therapy from USA and Australia. Therefore, our medical treatment is up to standard and certainly safe. Our IV therapy focuses mainly on disease healing and body restoration, not on outside impermanent beauty. Our concept is health and beauty comes from within through outside.

Language Support:
Thai, English, France, Arabic and Mandarin

✔ Anti-Aging Clinic

Signature or Unique Products & Services:

Pre and post surgery IV Formula

  • For both minor and major surgery, all patients mostly concern of pain from surgery, blood loss, swollen symptom, wound healing up including recovery time. Pre and Post Surgery IV Nutrient Therapy is solution to such problems. Such medical treatment is vitamins, minerals, and amino acid directly into the bloodstream resulting in reduction of blood loss, wound pain, swollen and bruised symptoms. After surgery, patients take faster time to continue their daily life with shorter sick leave away from work.

Traveller IV Formula

  • When you travel abroad for long-haul flight, have you experienced the following symptoms?
    • Fatigue, exhausted, no energy to start your trip after landing
    • Jet lag, insomnia, time adjustment problem, headache, inactive & drowsy
    • Need fastest recovery to continue travelling activities or business such

Above symptoms can be easily relieved by body condition preparation through Klaire’s formula IV nutrient therapy (feeding special formula of nutrient into the bloodstream directly).

Total  Number of treatment room: 
✔ S-Small (3-6 treatment rooms)

Contact Info:
Name: Kittisak Chuepool
Position: Managing director
Address: 110/11 Soi Ekamai 10 Yeak 6, Sukhumvit 63 Road, Prakanong Nau, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Phone: +669 7426 5445
Email: k_chuepool@hotmail.com

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