Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center

Facility's name: Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center

Absolute Health Integrative Medicine is a full service medical clinic providing Anti-Aging, Integrative and Advancement in Medicine for individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages and with various disorders. Our physicians use Dietary Manipulation, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals, Homeopathy, Detoxification, Chelation Therapy, Bio-oxidative Therapy, Hyperthermia, Acupuncture Point Injection, Neurotherapy von Huneke, Physiological Regulation Therapy, Electrostatic Stimulation, Organotherapy and Natural Hormonal Replacement in order to optimize the body's innate ability to heal itself. Over 10 years providing customized treatments according to specific health conditions of individual clients. We have utilized both traditional and complementary medical treatments to restore, rejuvenate and improve the health condition of the clients. We are professional consultants & expertise, providing the full medical services especially in regenerative, rejuvenative medicine and Anti-Aging with the new medical technology. The Integrated of conventional medicine , alternative medicine and advanced medicine approach to increase the highest effective treatment & outcome. Absolute Health has developed comprehensive screening programs using an integrative approach to assess predisposition to various degenerative disease. We use conventional laboratory testing plus energetic screening as well as the cutting-edge technology of Molecular Gene Testing. All of the information gathered from your history and physical examination as well as these and other noninvasive tests will be used to create your personalized treatment program. Emphasize on personal health concern by modifying the life habit & attitude to reach quality of health care. Realize on health promotion & prevention which consequence of health crisis conditions that may be occur in the future. Analyze the factor of diseases and comprehensive screening for primary disorders individually then provide the best effective treatment.

Language Support:
Thai, English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian

✔ Anti-Aging Clinic
✔ Cell Therapy Clinic

Signature or Unique Products & Services:
Comprehensive Body Check-up Detoxification Rejuvenation Pain management Integrative Cancer treatment.

Total  Number of treatment room: 
✔ M-Medium (6-15 treatment rooms)

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Sarinna Tumapa
Position: Chief International Officer, Executive Management & Operational Division.
Address: Urbis Building 3Rd. Floor (The AETAS Bangkok Hotel) 53 Soi Ruamrudee, Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: +662 651 5988
Email: yotchat.ahmkt@gmail.com

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